Growing was a success before I even posted it.

I sent the final build of the “gift version” to my Mom early Monday morning. I went to work, planning to post the public builds and link them on the social networks during my lunch break. By lunchtime, my Mom had already played through it and responded. The response was just…

“Oooohhhh my goodness….that is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and it was for me, and it was from you, and it took you gazillions of amount of time, and almost lost! I am so not worthy!!!”

My family (in real life)Now that last sentence is pretty silly cause let me tell you some things ’bout my mom:

  • She and my dad raised 6 kids, and by ‘raised’ I mean she did ALL of the cooking and cleaning (seriously, I didn’t learn how to do laundry til college), and now works two part-time jobs on top of it.
  • She’s tirelessly searched for the diagnosis of my mysterious severe autoimmune disease. I’ve been suffering from it since I was 15. She’s been adamant about finding the answer even during the times I get frustrated and give up. She just never gives up.
  • When I decided to go into games, she not only supported the decision, she was straight up proud of me. She actively believes in gaming’s ability to change people for the better.

“I wish all [traditional] Catholic mothers could see this and then speak negatively about video games.”

I was SO HAPPY my mom said this. We don’t agree on religion anymore. She raised us all not just Catholic, but VERY Catholic… and I found myself kinda simultaneously pushed and pulled away from religion as I got older. One thing that became clear was my career didn’t stand well with a community who thought games were evil, violent and manipulative. I know my mom has to deal with backlash from said communities when she defends my decision to make games.

Ultimately, while I don’t identify as Catholic anymore, I owe my religious upbringing for a lot of things, like a focused willpower and fearlessness of being outside the norm (in high school this was especially important). And of course I owe my mom for all of it.

She brought us up with that religious background because she thinks it is what’s best for us, even though it was no less difficult for her. That’s why spirituality is a plant in the game.

“I hope it’s a huge success, but it already is because you’ve overwhelmed me. I only grew patience, spirituality and generosity and can’t wait to grow the rest – but already I am awed and taken back.”

I’ve been astonished and so appreciative of the feedback the game has gotten – including articles on IndieStatik and the Indie Games blog! Ultimately though, this game was made with one person in mind. And I was no longer afraid of what others would think, because I already knew my target demographic loved it. She’d picked up the game, played it, and understood all I was trying to say.

I was trying to say “thank you.”

    This game has tickled my heart (doesthatidiomevenexist)

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