Speaking at IGDA!

So, after much time and coffee, Growing is nearly complete! For now, I’m just waiting to integrate changes from my teammates, and working on the landing page. Stay tuned for the update with the finished build.

In the meantime though, I gave my not-quite-retrospective this past Monday at the March meeting of our local IGDA chapter (IGDA PHX baby!)

I’ll link the talk and slides below. Basically, the talk was a history of my game development process, the techniques I used (or should have used) to keep myself motivated, the motivational pitfalls I landed in and how I learned to avoid them.

It gets a tad personal at times, but I tried to keep the advice as general as possible. It got some good feedback! In typical terrified-public-speaker style, I linked all my statements together with lots of ‘ums’ and ‘likes’… feeling more inspired than ever to attend some local Toastmasters sessions. Maybe after GDC! Any Phoenix locals want to get in on this with me?

In any case, here are the links! I published the slides, but the talk itself was recorded at UAT and it’s available now on ustream. Check them out! 😀

If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to contact me at my IGDA email: corey@igdaphx.org
And check back soon for the finished (or nearly finished) build!

Ack, looks like I haven’t fully developed the instinct to post relevant stuff to my blog yet 🙂 Time for an update!

You’ll probably read a lot about IGDA Phoenix on this blog ’cause I’m the chair!

IGDA PhoenixSince moving to AZ a couple years ago, there’s been a stir to jumpstart our local IGDA chapter. The effort was started last year by Pete Jones of Retro Affect, and I hopped onboard as vice and now (as of this past May) chair of IGDA Phoenix.

We hold regular meetings every first Wednesday of the month, currently held at Claim Jumper in Tempe, along with game jams at UAT every few months. If you’re a game developer in the area, come check us out!

You don’t need an official membership, it doesn’t cost anything, and the atmosphere is surprisingly refreshing and inspiring. Don’t take my word: just check out this awesome video about the Phoenix Global Game Jam put together by the talented local Ryan Luibrand!


Recently, our Phoenix chapter has gotten a couple shoutouts in the IGDA newsletter. Back in June, I got featured in a Member Spotlight article to highlight “superlative IGDA member[s],” which I consider a HUGE honor.

Even more recently, they published an article I wrote about the local game dev scene! Phoenix: Desert Devs details some of the highs and lows of making games out here, and features comments from local studios like Broken Bulb and Flashbang, as well as local devs Dave Koontz, Kyle Pulver and Ara Shirinian.

It’s a pretty solid depiction of game development out here in the Valley, and a lot of other regions in the newsletter provide interesting reads as well. A huge thanks to Ryan Arndt and Cat Wendt for putting it all together!


Regarding my own personal projects, I’ve been working a LOT on Growing, a game I started at a Game Jam in May and have been filling most of my nights and weekends with. You can expect a beta version up on my projects page soon! For now, here’s a small preview of my work-in-progress:

A preview of my work-in-progress, Growing.

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