This year, as you upload Christmas photos to your Facebook/Tumblr/Flickr, send cheery well-wishes to friends over Twitter, listen to your favorite Christmas tunes on Spotify and Youtube, please take a moment to remember the ever-growing threat that will annihilate every last one of these services (and many more).

The “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA) CAN and therefore WILL destroy the Internet if we don’t speak up about it. This legislation is actively being reviewed RIGHT NOW in Congress, and at this pace it will very likely become a reality as soon as they are back in session from winter recess.

You know something is horrifyingly wrong with an Internet-regulatory bill when the very people who created the Internet speak out against it, while even the legislation’s staunchest Congressional supporters confess that they know next to nothing about the subject. How many of the companies supporting SOPA are intimately familiar with the underlying structure and workings of the Internet? (hint: that number is rapidly approaching 0.)

Finally, this is a selfish plea… I’m a creative. Most of my friends are creatives. Artists. Musicians. Filmmakers. Game Developers. Writers. Web Developers. Bloggers. This bill would effectively be career suicide for all of us and the numerous industries we represent. The thought of its potential economic repercussions evokes a visceral shudder from all of us.

Please, just take a moment to research more on the subject, write or call a representative, sign a petition, contribute to a filibuster, or even just help spread the word. Time’s running out and those who hold the critical opinions on the subject aren’t there in Congress to represent us. The voices of those most passionate about the subject are getting lost entirely as the fate of the Internet is decided by a group of people who by their own admission understand nothing of it.

To see this bill dismissed would be the most incredible gift I could receive. Thank you, and Merry Christmas, everyone.

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