One More TurnHave you heard of the One More Turn Podcast? If not, no worries, here’s a quick intro:

One More Turn’s a weekly production about video games run by two guys, Kevin King and Jim Stoholski. Episodes on the show come in one of 3 formats:

  1. Overview of a ‘classic’ game along with general discussion around the game’s main components (I really enjoyed this recent one about Metal Gear Solid and stealth)
  2. “Show and Tell,” where Jim and Kevin each pick a game they’ve been playing, usually something more obscure or on the indie side of things, and talk about it!
  3. “5 Questions,” where Kevin throws some really in-depth questions at indie devs and the games they make.

All three formats are really great in their own right! Having checked out a bunch of them, I recommend it if you’re like me and like to have a light podcast going in the background sometimes. I usually do while I’m working on art.

So Kevin actually found me through our own Indie Game House podcast (podcastopia up in here!) and used my feedback form to get in touch. He was looking for a game about motherhood with mother’s day coming up, and pretty much stumbled across my game. Cool stuff!

Growing was highlighted on their latest Show and Tell episode, Mamacritic, where Kevin breaks down the game in a really cool way (never thought of Growing as a “god game” before), and talks about the lack of games about motherhood or even parenting space. After all, the one other game I know to star a mother (Offspring Fling) came out of the same jam I did ;D

Kevin also interviewed me for their other segment: 5 Questions With Corey Nolan

In the video, we talk about Growing and what inspired me to make a game about mothers, the inspiration for the art style, and we also discuss Skinnier, a game I worked on with my friends Renee and Will and Global Game Jam 2014 and I still owe you guys a blog post about. ;D Also in typical Corey fashion I say way too many ‘ums’ and mix up my words a whole bunch. Worth listening to just for the embarrassment factor.

Anyway, these guys put on some great shows and if you’re a podcast fan I highly recommend tuning in. I know I will!

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