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Legend of Mark is a kinda silly side project of mine featuring semi-procedural dialogue driven by social media. I was inspired by a web app that generates Markov chains from your Facebook data. I loved the mildly nonsensical strings it produced and how they somehow still seemed to preserve the "voices" of me and my friends. I wondered what it would be like to have NPCs whose dialogue was seeded by it!

The game was a cool learning experience in a lot of ways. It was my first time grabbing data from Facebook's Open Graph API, creating a Facebook app, and communicating between the browser (using Javascript) and Unity player. It's also my first foray into pixel art, learning tools like Pixen and Tiled to create sprite walk cycles and maps with seamlessly tiled textures.

This is a game for the web browser only, and requires Facebook permissions to play (don't worry, I don't do anything with the data besides generate goofy dialogue). Still in progress, so you'll see updates if you hit the web page from time to time!
This was a game I worked on with Renee and Will (with help from Burley) at Global Game Jam 2014. The theme was "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." Our goal was to recreate negative feedback loop suffered by someone with low self-esteem, with anorexia as the example. We were inspired by this very insightful webcomic about anorexia and the superb narrative/choice structure in Depression Quest.

Skinnier is an experimental first person experience that you follow in the mind of someone suffering from low self-confidence. The game plays as a series of sequences grouped together into days. Each day contains a scenario where you have the choice of how much you want to eat. The NPCs' reactions are driven by your choices, but your esteem will steadily decrease over time. There is no win condition.
This is a game I started at a Game Jam in May 2011 for Mother's Day, the theme was "Motherhood". It's actually a gift for my mom.

It's a point-and-click game, built in Unity, available for Mac and PC. The game, while mostly experimental, has a puzzle-solving focus as you play a mother raising her child through the proxy of a flower garden. Your "score" is represented by the kid's changes in appearance and environment. You can also view the progress of how many plants you've unlocked through the Plant Journal at the end of the game.

Art, design and coding were done by me. Music was done by two exceptionally talented composers: Steven Cravis and Alec Holowka. Sound was done by the phenomenally skilled Ryan Roth!

For more info, check out the official Growing landing page or the blog post I made on its release.

Growing in the Press:
Made for the Global Game Jam 2011, the theme was "Extinction." I completed the engine, which I was pretty stoked about, though the plot/objectives didn't quite make it in there.

Well, I want to level up my art a bit before I come back to this one, which is why it's on hold. This isn't the last you'll be seeing of Safari Girl!
This was my senior thesis project back in college. There's not much of a win condition, so it's more of a toy rather than a game. I really liked the idea of musical composition through gameplay and wanted to do something with it. (I was pretty enthralled with the Hanenbow level of Elektroplankton at the time.)

In GLOME, you use your mouse to control the entry point of Glomites, little balls that bounce off the room and produce light and sound. The type of Glomite controls the sound's timbre, the object it hits controls the pitch, the lifespan of the Glomite controls its volume, and you can manually change modulate the entire level to create your own chord progression.

The game's in a prototype stage and will probably stay that way. I still like the idea though! At some point I'd like to revisit the premise, but give it a whole new look and input scheme. Time will tell.

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